First steps
We welcome you to the StudioVainilla customer portal.
We're glad to see you here. Let's get to work.
SLACK platform

Accept the invitation from the StudioVainilla team

To join a workspace you've been invited to, you need to accept the invitation and set up a Slack account for that workspace:

Join a StudioVainilla workspace

  1. On your computer, visit
  2. Enter your email address (we suggest using your work email). Then click Continue.
  3. In your email, find the Slack confirmation code and enter it.
  4. Under Accept an invitation, and then click Join next to the workspace you want to join.
Customer Portal Platform

We welcome you to the StudioVainilla customer portal.

To join the customer portal to which you have been invited, you must create the portal account once you receive the email with the invitation:

The access link is:

Do click here to go to the section Help for Digital Marketing and frequently asked questions.

To request the invoice for your services, you have the first 30 days after making your purchase and generating the payment. To make your invoice enter here (Valid for Mexico): Request invoice

*This information is only for clients of the StudioVainilla Design service.
You must enter your account and go to the "Create email" menu or the following link: Create mail
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